We are given information by the graph which indicates wheat exports in Australia Canada and European Community over 6 years (1985-1990)

As can be seen statistically in the line chart, difference in wheat exports never failed to increase from 4 millions of tonnes to 10 millions of tones throughout the period. Specifically, total amount in Australia and European Community met an opposite trend after 1987, in spite of slight similarity originally at 15 millions of tonnes. Particularly, Australian wheat exports amount peaked at 16 millions of tonnes in 1986, but gradually decreased to only 11 millions of tonnes in the end, however, after 1988, there was a considerable growth to almost 20 millions of tonnes in European Community

Distinguished from wheat export quantity in Australia and European Community, we can analyzed while Canadian wheat export quantity topped the list at 25 millions of tonnes in 1988, it sharply reduced and rallied to 19 millions of tonnes which was the same as what could be predicted at the beginning.

Overall, wheat exports quantity in European Community first overcame Australia in 1987 then exceeded Canada becoming the most favorite in 1990