as long as you love me.只要你爱我就好 
although loneliness has always been a friend of mine.孤独一直是我的朋友 
i'm leaving my life in ur hands.自从你离开我的生活 
people say i'm crazy that i am blind.朋友说我疯了太盲目 
risking it all in a glance.激情总是短暂的 
how you got me blind is still a mystery.你为何能使我如此盲目仍是个谜 
i can't get u out of my head.我就是无法忘了你 
don't care what is written in ur history.我不在乎你过去的种种 
as long as u're here with me.只要你陪在我身边 

i don't care who u are.我不在乎你是怎样个人 
where u're from.你从那里来 
what u did.你做过什么 
as long as u love me.只要你爱我就好 
who u are.你是怎样个人 
where u're from.你从那里来 
don't care what u did.我不在乎你做过什么 
as long as u love me.只要你爱我就好 

every little thing that u have said done.所有你说过的话和做过的事 
feels like it's deep within me.都深深的烙印在我心里 
doesn't really matter if u're on the run.我甚至于不在乎你是否就要逃开 
it seems like we're meant 2 be.我以为我们是一对的 

i've tried 2 hide it so that no one knows.我试着把感情隐藏起来不让任何人知道 
but i guess it shows.但我无法不流露真情 
when u look in 2 my eyes.当你凝视着我时 
what u did where u're comin from.你做过什么从那里来 
i don't care,as long as u love me,baby!我不在乎,只要你爱我就好,宝贝! 

i don't care.我不在乎